Apsis was co-founded by Lewis King and his parents in the late 21st century. He was the only child of a Marsha and Jonathan King. The Kings came from Arizona in the old USA, but built their fortune after they fled to Brazil during the uprisings that led to the fall of the United States in the troublesome period of the 2050s.

Apsis is as such an old and well established corporation. They have survived the tumultuous centuries due to considerable political connections and social support gained through philanthropic work, yet Apsis never grew into a behemoth like the other mega corporations in the solar system.

Apsis deals mostly in transportation, exploration and scavenging missions of all types. Their dealings are usually more civil than other corporations, and they tend to be of a more cooperative mindset. This is partly due to the fact that Apsis takes on a lot of political contracts from the various governments, but also serves as subcontractor for many of the mega corporations. This includes projects on research and development, security and more.

Apsis was one of a few enthusiastic funders behind the Cepheus-Program on Eris. They provided a fleet of transports and equipment to establish a mostly scientific research colony on Eris. Over the decades long project most of Apsis' employees would at one time or another make a run to Eris.

Apsis does not have a main headquarter, instead it has numerous offices, the three central ones being on the moon, Mars and Caelestis.




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