A transport owned by Apsis and used by the crew. It's a sizeable ship with tiny cabins, a galley with room for the entire crew, engineering bay and a large cargo hold. It has received an upgrade in the form of a dorsal autocannon turret.

Vehicle: InteX-4 Transport
Init: -5
Weaponry: (+0 tiny autocannon; 4 in linked-fire system: +15 AAR for a total -5 AAR)
Mass : 1000
Passengers: 8
Armor: 10
Cargo: 640m^3
Hits: 80
Shield: 10
EW: 10
PD: 0
Man: 5
Speed/Accel: 0.025c/300g      
Energy: 35F (350 [currently carrying only 80 extra cannisters]). Can produce up 350,000 energy/hour for 10 hours. Additional cannisters equals 80,000 en/hr for a total of 10 hours.
Power Use:  100,000 En/hr at 100G acceleration, 300,000 En/hr at 300G acceleration.
Accommodations: 4 two person cabins, galley/common room, 1 toilet/showers, 100 man/days life support/provisions
Sensor Systems: Early Sensor System (RI 0.5 light second, capable of Biological, Construct, Planetary and Stellar Analysis)




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