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  • Eyes of Pure Darkness

    "For more corrupt the soul, the more painful it becomes to look upon the pure.
    So it is with crystal and jade and the creatures of the dark lands.
    Remember this Hantei, for it …

  • Angelic Velocity

    "One must learn to see what is to be seen.
    And to see through what others wish you to see."

    "What do you mean it's gone?" Jac pushed past the martian …

  • Organisations

    [[Belter League]]
    [[Jovian Confederacy]]
    [[Lunar Alliance]]
    [[Martian Republic]]
    [[Parliament of Earth]]
    [[Protectorate of Venus]]
    [[Terran Federation]]

  • John Icarus

    Belter born in one of the first families, he belives that the next step for humans are among the stars, and carries great pride in his heritage and the acomplishments of his kind. He was picked for Ranger training based on his uncanny reflexes and …

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