Carathumpian of Tethys

To much data

Episode 12

After the two aliens left us Liam and Red wanted some rest before continuing. John and Doc could not stifle their curiosity and pressed on.

The access-card Red had found earlier gave them access to doors the aliens had gone through. Going through the temperature suddenly became warmer. Like there was an immense machine running on full steam, a metallic smell. They pressed on and found a large datacenter with three rows of machines running on full steam. Like they we're shuffling memory without having any place to put it. "Interesting" thought Doc. After checking the room for any way to interface with the system they found two consoles. With archaic outlets that Doc did have the adaptors for. He could probably jury-rig something but that would take time. They decided  to press on.

They passed an old secretary station as they went farther forward. Nothing but old computers. At the end of the corridor they found 3 doors. One big leading further forward and one to each side. Just about to try the one the right they heard the footsteps of Liam caching up with them. He seemed rested. "What have you found?" he asked them. After quickly filling him in, they entered the room on the right. It was a meeting room with an old inert holo-projector in the middle and some cupboards around the walls. Doc started checking the cupboards for stuff while John checked out the holo-projector. Doc found some adaptors he thought could match the ones in the data-center and put them in his bag. Meanwhile Liam started fiddling with the left side door outside in the corridor. Feeling that this room could give them(him) something he wanted. Unable to open the door with the keycard he called after Doc for some help. Making short work of the old lock Doc opened the door to find an still stocked infirmary. Liam almost ran over Doc to get into the room and check it out. "Have fun", Doc said to Liam before leaving. (Not before pocketing some stuff for himself.)

Leaving the room Doc saw that John had gotten the holo-projector at least partly up and running and was studying a projection. "Could you take a look at this Doc?", John said. Doc entered the room and saw something looking like a nebula coming out of a large beast. Saying as much to John, he scampered of, eager to try out the new adaptors.

They fit perfectly and Doc booted up the systems. He found them overwhelmed by an enormous load of sensor data coming from four external sensors. It seemed the system was in need of some free space. "I could always use some more data", Doc thought. Getting ready for the cracking of his life Doc started compressing data and storing it on his archive.

"Its gonna take weeks to sort through all this data."


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