Mikhail "Red" Reznikov

Scout, Survivalist, Sniper


‘Red’ was a born and bred Martian male fairly large and well build. His hair was ginger and he had a full beard which looked well kept.

He wore a set of clothing set between hunter and military and his backpack always looked ready to go camping for a couple of days, with a sleeping bag rolled up and gun mounted on the side.


Mikhail “Red” Reznikov is the only child of a corporate scientist mother and a career military dad- His mother dedicated her life to the terraforming project of Mars, while his dad was the leader of the local group of Martian Wardens.

Mikhail was born on Mars and from early childhood he was very conflicted about the terraforming of Mars, hoping it would “fail” in such a manner that it would create new spectacular forms of life. A whole new biosphere.

His hope was based on a belief that this would create anarchy, survival of the fittest, a new type of nature. A chance for humanity to return to a purer state of existence, at least no Mars.

Politically he’s tagged as a risk, being cross betwen a communist, anarchist and militarist. This could’ve led him astray and into extreme groupings protesting and revolting against the established leadership of the Terran Federation, but he was kept strictly in control by his father’s discipline and authority.

He was sent to a military academy on Mars, with a short stay at Ceres, owned by his father’s employers. He was later employed as a Martian Warden at the frontier of a new terraforming area on Mars. It was here that his old ideas about a failed terraforming returned…

Mikhail "Red" Reznikov

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