Liam D'Ancar

Military surgeon.


A man of average height, broad shoulders, with a face like a brick. Fair skinned with eyes set in deep sockets. His hair is kept at military regulation shortness.

He is of Western-European heritage, most notably Irish and French. With the green eyes of Ireland, and the blond hair of the vikings that settled Normandy.

Usually seen wearing a T-shirt from his time in the military, a wide selection of shades of green or camo. One even has the word “MEDIC” on the back, over the shoulders.


As the Terran Federation took form, and the wars that had been so rife came to an end, most military personnel was discharged and left to their own devices. Liam, despite having served in most theatres at one time or the other, is one of these.

Having acquired a taste for travel, and wanting to broaden his horizons, and meet new interesting people, maybe even without having to either kill them or heal them, chose the final frontier, space to do this.

Came to the Angelica by the recommendation of Apsis.

Despite having served with a officers rank, Liam still prefers to work with the “salt of the earth”, the ones doing the actual work. Those with the most to lose, and closest to any problems.

Liam D'Ancar

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