John Icarus

Offworld Pilot, Ex-Ranger, Mutant.


John Fitzgerald 1566 Icarus

Tall with wide shoulders but a slender almost spindly physique, has pale almost albino skin and matte gray hair in a short frizzy cut.
His Belter heritage is apparent in his body, but also in the slightly elongated dome of his skull and the colorless complexion of his skin.
Wears an old Ranger tactical jumpsuit with an updated tactical suite, carries a “Room-Sweeper” Autoshotgun, and eschews any form of unpractical garments or personal effect.


Belter born in one of the first families, he belives that the next step for humans are among the stars, and carries great pride in his heritage and the acomplishments of his kind.
He was picked for Ranger training based on his uncanny reflexes and mental acumen.
He served in the ends of the frontier wars as a pilot and breacher.

How ended up working for Apsis after his discharge is unknown, but they say something happened on Mars.

A promising pilot and an apt tactician, he is not very good with people though,
When he doesn’t unnerve them with his unblinking stare and weirdly shaped body , he has a tendency to speak his mind quite bluntly.

John Icarus

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