A group of operatives struggling for independence, freedom and survival in a solar system mired in corruption, conflict and propaganda.

A tentative peace has settled as the various planetary governments have organised themselves into what they call a federation. While the Martians and Earthers benefit the most from this peace, there is already reports of improvement in the Belt as well as the Jovian Confederacy. Yet grumbling can still be heard as the law tightens its grip on the space lanes, regulations and tariffs increase, affecting both travel, trade and living.

Mega corporations vie for political favour and buy out smaller competitors not influential enough to survive new taxes, tariffs and legislation.

Crime thrives in the system as corruption is still running rampant through the various planetary bureaucracies. The Federation Police (FedPol) is still struggling with the enormity of its task, still working to gain access to the entirety of its jurisdiction and trying set up cooperation and communication channels with local law enforcement agencies. There are daily updates on the government owned TFN (Terran Federation News) and corporate owned SNC (Sol News Consortium) about negotiations, failures, assassinations, violence, and cultural and ethnic oppression.

In the outer reaches of the solar system colonists have set up homes on Eris, research stations on Titan, there's even a small group on Pluto, and the moons of Uranus and Neptune are being prospected by both mining corporations and civilian colonists alike.

The year is 2282, Eris is almost 30 years past its perihelion, the outer colonies and in particular the Jovian Confederacy is struggling to maintain independence and control over their own resources. Ceres has all but capitulated to pressure to give up self-governing from the Terran Federation due to allegations of corrupt settlement leaders working for the Syndicate. Mars supports Earth and Luna in this, whereas the Venus Protectorate remains reclusive and focused inwards on the critical first stages of the terra forming of their planet. And the Terran Federation and its AstroNavy's first new battleships have just entered service, no longer refitted Earth, Lunar or Martian vessels, these new ships are designed for war.

Amid this turmoil and tense social and political climate old secrets are about to be revealed, and old failures about resurface…


This game runs on the following rule system: HARP SF by Iron Crown Enterprises. Can be bought from DrivethruRPG.

Carathumpian of Tethys

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