Martian Wardens

The wardens of the Martian terra forming project roam the vast habitats and parts of the Martian former wastelands, guards the terra forming process and the potential for new flora and fauna.

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History of the Martian Wardens

The start of the terra forming of Mars was a chaotic process full of ethical and legislative disagreements, contradicting contracts, political infighting and special interest groups promoting social revolution. The first decade was therefore a long fight (legal and otherwise) between corporations, eco-terrorists and forces of the newly established Martian government. There was no progress, that is to say, scientific and climate change on Mars were inevitable results of the various terra forming domes, asteroid strikes and modified bacteria introduced into and onto Mars. Yet, eco-terrorists and rival corporations sabotaged each other to an extent that required yearly restarts, re-financing, buy-outs, and rebuilding. This eventually led the Martian government to nationalise the terra forming projects. They established a security corps that would oversee and do spot checks on the corporations still allowed to continue the work to ensure loyalty and that the outlines in the contract put there to prevent corporate espionage and sabotage were followed, to the letter. Not an easy, nor peaceful task.

The initial militia was mostly made up soldiers, security experts, and local social and political figures. The goal of this early incarnation of the wardens was mainly to enforce peace between the corporations' installations out in the Martian deserts, and to prevent terrorist actions – or hunt them down after the fact. They were an armed force traversing the Martian deserts in large tracked and wheeled vehicles. Moving from one terra forming project to another. Eventually however, this became impossible, as within a few decades it was obvious that the terra forming projects had been united under one visionary leadership, and they were succeeding. At this time the first new Martian flora started to appear, which prevented the use of large tanks and troop transports. It became clear that the wardens needed to be more than just soldiers.

With the appearance of new flora on Mars, what would soon become the Martian Wardens needed to get familiar with the developing eco-system, as well as learn how to traverse this new terrain, and survive the new Martian jungle. A few corporations made bids for providing such training regimes, combining scientific education with practical skills for survival, including production and development of appropriate gear and vehicles. The Martian government decided to try out a few of these offers, practically privatising the training, arming and organisation, but keeping oversight and mandate under government control. Several training academies were established, include off-Mars installations. Within a few years the various academies had synergised training regimens, and the militia was reorganised into the Martian Wardens. They were tasked with keeping the sensitive areas of terra forming, mainly new flora, but recently also fauna, secure and safe from terrorists and tourists. Furthermore they were also tasked with exploration and documentation of the new fauna and flora of Mars as it steadily grows, spreads and evolves.

After the establishment of the Terran Federation the Wardens lost a lot of their security clearances, as well as access to the most heavy armour and weapons. The Federation understood and appreciated the need for the Martian Wardens, but was sceptical about letting one of the members have an independent heavily armed paramilitary group. This coincided with the increased population of new Martian fauna, which led to revisions in the training of the Wardens. Today the Martian Wardens are struggling for funding, recruitment and to keep up with their ever growing task. Many wardens left the services when the Federation required them to hand in heavy weaponry and armour. The group is now under constant Federation oversight, its members rarely checking in, choosing to remain in the Martian wilderness as the terra forming of the planet moves towards completion.

Currently many leaders of the Martian Wardens are under investigation suspected of having ties to a recent and powerful terrorist organisation calling itself Liber Tellus. The Martian Wardens are still needed, as they are the custodians of the new eco-system and possess more knowledge about it than most. Yet the Federation seems to be pressuring the Martian government to disband the group once FedPol and the Starsoldier Corp has grown large enough to take over responsibility for Mars completely.

Martian Wardens

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