Carathumpian of Tethys

2282 - The Year We Made Contact

Episode 11


Docking with the Nova Terra

Gossamer thin threads of crystal through the ship, covering dataterminals and some of the dead creatures. Some of the mutated creatures we faught are gone now.

Temperature is steadily sinking. (10 ° )
We climb up the elevator shaft to the crew compartments. (7,5 ° )
Scanners pick up movement ahead , we arrive in "Section B": an unfinished ballrom/cantina (5 ° )

Liam notices some disturbance on his comms, manages to tap into an alien signal, indecipherable alien language.
We connect our devices to triangulate it's orgin.
Red stalks further into the room, picks up a keycard (A, B, C) .

Two aliens, Doc try to speak to them, the others cover him.
They give us tech with some info on it.

They leave.


GMLovlie jonasfalsen

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